Workshops „Nachhaltiger Aktivismus“

In Englischer Sprache von 13 bis 17 Juli in den Niederlanden. Im September wird es ein kürzeres Seminar in deutscher Sprache in Berlin geben. Sofortige Anmeldung (siehe unten!) ist empfehlenswert, das Seminar (eine Kurzversion gab es beim letzten Skillsharingcamp) sowieso!

July 13-17: Sustaining our activism – Training in The Netherlands (in English).
This workshop is for anyone who is active for social change. Surrounded by nature we will have time to reflect and get nourished. We will explore tools and strategies for finding inspiration and ways through the ups and downs in the struggle. We will explore and experience tools for our personal as our collective sustainability. It want to support you, to keep us going for the long haul. The workshop will take place in a simple location in the North East of the Netherlands. More details below.

What can you expect:

  • Time to relax in nature and healthy food.
  • Awareness and sharing knowledge about sustainable activism on a personal and collective dimension.
  • Knowledge about burn-out and recognizing symptoms of stress.
  • Tools to get better mentally prepared for our actions and stress release skills.
  • Time to reflect on your activism and a sense of a wider perspective.
  • Explore our emotions due to activism and ways to deal with the uncertainty between despair and hope.
  • Creating a temporary community where it’s a safe place to learn and try-out.
  • Empowering your activism and support to make changes.
  • Time for yourself, sharing in small groups and being all together.
  • A diverse program with theory and a lot of non-formal and experiential learning.
  • An intensive program delivered for and by activists & experienced trainers (not therapists)

For whom:
These days are for everyone engaged working on social, ecological and economic justice. Whether that means building community through arts or events, organizing campaigns, resisting injustice, building alternative or resistance and direct action. We hope to bring together a diverse group of people, from across the country and Europe, involved in a wide variety of issues and projects, who can share our learnings back to wide networks. That’s why we ask you to sign-up by filling in an application form. Please be aware that we have only place for up to 16 participants.

Write us a mail if you’re interested and please contact us if you have more questions. You can sign-up for the course by filling in an application form, we send this by mail to you.
Send this back before 1th June and we will let you know by 15 June if you have a place. Write to: Nachhaltigeraktivismus(at)

You will sleep in your own tent (on request we have a guest-room) The program will be held n community spaces in an old farm. We will have organic vegan food and an amazing view and excess to the nature park. Arrival; Wednesday 13th evening. Departure Sunday 17th afternoon.

The cost of the workshop is on a sliding scale between 35-350 euro (includes accommodation and all meals). The amount you pay is based on what you can effort to contribute. Money raised will be going towards venue and food costs, as well a compensation for cooks and facilitators. If there is any money left over, it will go towards supporting more of this work in the future, so by making an thoughtful gift you make this work accessible for many.

Looking forward to hear from you:
Dhjana (supportrecoveryteam) Timo (klimakollektiv) Mara (cre-act and stroomversnellers)”

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