An outline of the program for the Forestival is finally out!
There is still a lot of free spaces in the program and everyone is welcome to add skillshares, talks, discussions or whatever! Also, more will come up as we get closer to the event…
so if you want to propose something you can either write us at or directly write it down on the time table board at the event!
We want this to be as informal and self-organized as possible, so be bold, add discussions about your favorite anarchist topic and don’t expect us to be running the whole show!
KUFA (Kithen For All) is going to be vegan and we will try to accomodate every dietary requirement, but if you have super specific allergies or requirements maybe write us an email so we can organize in advance; also, in any case, if you can bring food!

-Leave at home thransphobic, sexist, racist, classist, speciest, ableist or whatever hierarchical bullshit, together with liberal, cop-hugging, pacifist mentality. We are not a hippy hot-spot, neither we welcome yuppies, liberals and similar, so if you belong to these categories think twice before approaching (and then turn around)! (The last bit is the personal opinion of the individual writing the post, not representative of the entirety of the community living in the Hambi forst or in anyway engaged with its struggle!)
– Stuff to bring: Tent, sleeping bag (warm one if possible, in November it can getquite cold), sleeping mat (optional), warm clothes, gloves, a head-torch (essential, preferably with red light) and if you want fancy food for breakfast, bring some! We will only provide Zapatista coffee, which is expensive, so if you want coffee either bring your own or leave us a donation for Zapatista coffee. Think about whether you want to bring your ID documents or not, we cannot give a „for-all guideline“ but remember that this is still an occupied zone and police can stop you on the way; for the same reason, think about bringing something to cover your face with, you might not want your face to be visible at all times, or ever. About phones: burn them. That is the best thing you can do. If you can’t burn your phone, leave it at home. if you can’t leave it at home, keep it in fly mode or turned off, since there will be totally no-phone areas and generally the forest is a no-picture area. Please respect the wishes of its human and non-human inhabitants.

There will be a FLINTA* (no cis-men) camping area, with FLINTA* activities and meetings as well.

Overall bring enthusiasm, an open mind ready for different points of view and a lot of rage!

FRIDAY 17/11
Morning: Welcome, greetings, introductory talk
Evening: tales of escapes from prisons
Morning: DNA safety
Afternoon: Why I love shoplifting
Evening: shared reading (from Uncivilized)
SUNDAY 19/11
Afternoon: Knitting Balaclava Workshop
Evening: Screening of machines in flames (english) / storied from Danni
MONDAY 20/11
Morning: 1st Climbing experience / Ideas for dealing with hunting, fishing etc when unprepared
Evening: Los Guerrero
Morning: Building Barrikade
Afternoon: FLINTA* climbing (no cis dudes)
Evening: sharing of stories about animal resistance, what can we learn from those and why
Morning: Cats, bats & the feminist toolkit
Afternoon: Building Barrikades
Evening: Storytelling around a bonfire
Morning: Training (no cis men)
Afternoon: Transphobia in the movement
Evening: Konsantin Kaspar
FRIDAY 24/11
Morning: Herbal walk
Afternoon: Anti-tech and anti-civ meets anti-specisism
Evening: Yuno
Morning: Talk about Rojava in the ‘80ies
Evening: Antikapital Branko
SUNDAY 26/11
Morning: Lock-picking workshop
Evening: Ponyo + Descending Unity

How to get to the forest? There are some ways, here is the easiest one:

You can find us in Yjgdrasil (J-Point). From the entrance to the forest „Collas Kies“ (coordinates: 50.87550 6.56040), just follow the path into the forest, then after 800m you will see the barrio on the right.

If you arrive by public transport, the S19 runs from Cologne or Düren to the „Buir“ stop. From there it is about 5km to the forest entrance. From the train station „Buir“ you go down the stairs, then left over the motorway bridge, always straight ahead until it turns left onto the L257 road towards Morschenich and straight ahead the factory road of RWE begins. Continue straight ahead until the forest begins. At the edge of the forest, turn left and walk along the dirt road. When the path ends, turn right (continue along the edge of the forest), leave the gravel pit on the left and at the corner of the forest at the welcome sign is the entrance. From there, just follow the path straight ahead.

Also, you will see some green anarchist flags painted around… follow them!

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  1. Barbara Freeman

    I thought twice and will stay home with my pacifist attitude. I guess I’m too intolerant towards some forms of intolerance.
    I’ll continue using renewable energy sources or none at all as best I can and support our cause in that way.

    1. myself

      Hey Barbara Freeman,

      I am sorry to hear that. From my perspective though there are many different people in the forest and I’ll guarantee you that there many pacifists in the Hambi as well. All sorts of support and participation is welcome. This moment belives in and lives diversity of tactics, which means that different views can stay without hierarchy next too each other and are equally important.
      From my past experiences texts, which are published on the blog are always just individual opinions and never reflect the ‚Hambi‘ perspective.
      I know that pacifist comrades are coming as well. I’m sure they do not exclude anyone based on their slightly different perspective on how to stop RWE. Just my view and as always I’m not representing anyone beside myself.

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