We are on strike as of 25/3

Our reasons for striking are different, as we are. Our daily problems might be different different. But our sommon experiences as FLINT* PPL (female,lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans, …) show us that some things needs to change.

The labour we do is neither valued nor equally shared amongst all of us. We are not seen as equal decision-makers, experts, equal friends, equal comrades.
Is this what revolution looks like to you?

It should not be only FLINT*PPL organising anti-sexism work (or critical whiteness reading!), or cleaning, or solving conflicts, or taking care of ppl and spaces, or organising in general, or doing awareness, or…
So why do so many FLINT*PPL feel burdened by this

We all together) should be destroying hierarchies, so why do so many FLINT*PPL have the experiences of being judged, ignored, or patronised by cis.men here?
And why should it be the responsibility of FLINT*PPL to organise and get over it?

It is the responsibilkity of ALL genders to destroy patriarchy, so we are telling you how it is, and we will not tell you what to do. We are on strike and how you respond is up to you.

Do you see the work that FLINT*PPL around you do? What do you considere work, or hard work, and what not? What work do you avoid/expect FLINT*PPL to do? Do you value emotional and reproductive work? Do you assume that we need your help with for example physical work or need you to explain things to us? What judgements do you make when you see us?

We are not only rejecting or bycotting the work in the communities, we are claiming time and space for ourselves, to connect with one another, work as equals, build and create together. ALL FLINT*PPL are welcome to join the strike.

Watch out for more informations coming soon…

„it’s not my revolution if i have to do the dishes!“

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