Raid on the meadow – The show must go on!

You are interested in watching a play? A play about how the state is (not) working? Then come to the Hambacher Forest and you don´t even have to pay for it!

Within the last days a lot of curios cop actions occured. The raid and partly destruction of the meadow in front of the Hambacher Forest is just the new peak. Again, it seemed like the state is only able to act if they badly outnumber us, the “Baumkrieger”.  Even though, they are overloaded and completely overchallenged by the courage of so many different people in and around the forest occupation. They didn´t expect that groups of people try to defend the forest with all means necessary. They didn´t expect that their popular strategy “devide and conquer” isn´t working so far. On the contrary, every single cop act brings us more together and making us more angry!

While the Hambi Hall (where the cops put all the confiscated material) is getting fuller now, don´t forget about the ALF-Bus and the treehouse from the climate camp, which they took within the last days . Also don´t forget about cops targeting twice at our comrades with their weapons. And how big is the step from targeting to shooting?

But back to the raid: here, in the WAA, no raid occured. Cops: do you forgot the WAA? The last time you did a raid in 2016 you did it simultaiously on the meadow and at the WAA. Would be so interesting to see another show of how the state is (not) working.

Solidarity with the Hambacher Occuoation!

P.S. If you think the cops forgot your project to raid, too, then you can write an explanation to, drop some soli-banner or whatever. Be creative:)

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  1. xyz

    In my humble opinion Hambi needs waterguns. We should soak the cops with our own piss. How criminal can that be.

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