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Das Earth First! Journal hat ein großes Interview zum Hambacher Forst, Räumung, Wiederbesetzung und dem Protest im Rheinland veröffentlicht!

Wer Interesse hat, die_der abonniere doch bitte den Newsletter der Seite, um mit den Freund_innen beim EF! Journal solidarisch zu sein und gleichermaßen auf dem aktuellen Stand der „direct actions in defense of living systems“ zu bleiben!

Hier das Interview

Und hier ein kurzer Auszug:

Since April 2012, activists in Germany have occupied the Hambach forest to prevent the expansion of Europe’s largest open-cast coal mine. The mine expansion project would mean the clearcutting of the forest and the eviction of thousands of local residents.

On March 27, 2014, the forest occupation was evicted by police. The next day, Sonny, an activist in the Hambach occupation, visited the Earth First! Journal office to tell us about the campaign, the eviction, and what we can do to help:

EF!J: What is the Hambach occupation? How long has it been going, and how has it changed in that time?

Sonny: My pleasure and thanks for giving me the opportunity to present a couple of things here, I really appreciate this!

The occupation exists to prevent the Hambach Forest from getting clearcut, to stop the mining in the area altogether, and as a visible point of resistance and coming together for different parts of the movement against the mining. And we also try to create a focal point for generating a broader discussion on topics like climate, energy, consumption, industry in particular and capitalism, hierarchy, war in general.

Officially it all started in April 2012 with the first occupation of the forest. But of course many people had already dedicated themselves to preparations beforehand and for example formed a Projecthouse in the nearby city of Düren to get things started and provide infrastructure. We are still running this house, named WAA, which translates to “Workspace for Actions and Alternatives,” and there are many interesting plans for the future.

So this occupation grew and stood strong until late November 2012 when it got evicted. It was the longest lasting eviction ever in Germany. There was a tunnel system underneath a two-story kitchen, and the coppers needed special mining rescue units to get the person in the lockdown out of there. Marvelous!

EF!J: Tell us about the recent eviction. What happened, and what does it mean for the campaign?

Sonny: The fucking coppers came in in the morning by the hundreds, cherrypicked everything, destroyed treehouses, spitefully cut down all the trees in the nearer surrounding, dragged people down the trees and put them in jail to forcefully take IDs.

But after the eviction is just before the occupation, you know?

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  1. TITO

    Additional info for Earth First! Newswire readers:

    There has not been any individual hunting in Hambacher Forest since Summer 2013.

    It ended when an individual hunter with no witnesses around at several occasions pointed his gun against activists. Once the villagers started talking about these incidents, the public relations department of the corporation became nervous and discontinued the licenses of its „useful idiots.“

    Up to that, hunting permits had been dished out to landowners as an incentive for collaboration.

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